Stress and anxiety are widespread problems in the world today. If not dealt with they can lead to depression, health problems, relationship and work problems. You need to be able to deal with it and conquer it so that you can live a happy and calm life.

Talking to someone you trust about what’s making you anxious could be a relief. It may be that just having someone listen to you and show they care can help in itself. If you aren’t able to open up to someone close to you, we are here for you if you would like to talk.

Counselling and Hypnotherapy can help with coping and managing anxiety. We will help you to learn ways to deal with anxiety, these ways may include:

  • Relaxation techniques
  • Positive thinking Telling your subconscious mind to just relax
  • Uncovering the reasons for stress and anxiety, understanding these
  • Setting goals for the future

Talk to someone! Seek help – NHS website has helpful links … or … We are here if you would like to talk to one of us.