Yoga – 4 – Health & Patricia Spence

Trish’s Yoga-4-Health is about the health and movement of the spine and creating strength at the core of the body.

Trish’s teaching is influenced by Hatha, Iyengar, Ashtanga , Seasonal Vinyasa Flow and Core Strength Vinyasa  – beginning slowly and generating some heat into the body so that muscles and tissue can stretch and flex safely and easily, re-activating the deeper core muscles.

She believes that it is important to stretch into an Asana from the feet up, so that our muscles and tissues, over time with practice, find the correct alignment that will allow us ease and grace of movement and iron out any kinks resulting from modern, sedentary living.

Trish’s classes are mixed ability (isn’t every class mixed ability whether beginners or advanced for we are all different and come with a mix of individual physical abilities and dis-abilities?). She teaches core strength Hatha type yoga for health and fitness.

Trish took her first Yoga class in 1972 and have practiced it on and off throughout her life. It started her on her journey of self-discovery and has supported her in times of emotional and physical stress and is just a wonderful way of maintaining well being and health. She is also an holistic practitioner treating the whole person and believes it is necessary to maintain a balance between the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual dimensions of our lives.

The benefits of  practicing Yoga for heath and well being are life-long. Yoga increases flexibility, muscle tone and strength and through breathing and relaxation techniques helps to release stress and tension and calm the mind. You’re never too young or too old to begin.