Brief Interlude Health Therapies

Brief Interlude has been here to help clients attain, and maintain a healthy body, mind and spirit since 1996.  We believe that your overall health is a combination of all three of these elements –

  • Your Physical Body with its muscles, organs and systems.
  • Your Mind with all its thoughts, feelings, emotions, challenges, hopes and wishes.
  • Your Spirit which affects both your physical and your mental health.

We are professionally qualified therapists who are widely experienced in many areas.   The therapies we use to help you achieve your goals are –

We often combine therapies in order to give you the tools to start your journey to becoming the healthy individual you desire, helping you to achieve your goal.

Take your first steps of change call us on  07795 21 1955  or  Contact us here  today.

News & Special Offers

Scrummy Courgette Spaghetti …

Try Courgette Spaghetti!  

Reduce your carb intake, replace half your pasta portion with courgette spaghetti.  You can create courgette spaghetti with a simple peeler or a clever kitchen gadget called a Spirooli.  We use a Gefu Spirooli widely available on-line or in the high street.

Spirooli pasta

Just add your favourite sauce! Enjoy!

Green Juice …

Green Juice for Beginners . 

Juice the following ingredients for a nutritious start to your day –

2 Organic Cucumbers

4 handfuls of Organic Spinach (or swiss chard if you prefer)

4 small (or 2 medium) eating apples of your choice



Bloating & Gut Problems?

Do you suffer from bloating and gut problems asks the Daily Mail?  Here at Brief Interlude Health Therapies we have been helping clients with these types of issues often using different approaches, colon cleansing therapies – herbal or water based therapies are common, however sometimes a simple de-stressing relaxing massage , or hormone balancing Reflexology have been appropriate.   Sometimes when the cause has been deeper rooted Hypnotherapy has been the answer.  If you would like help in this area please call or email us.  If you would like to see what the Daily Mail has to say – read more here … Daily Mail Article on using Hypnotherapy to relieve Bloating & Gut Problems

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