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Brief Interlude has been here to help clients attain, and maintain a healthy body, mind and spirit since 1996.  We believe that your overall health is a combination of all three of these elements –

  • Your Physical Body with its muscles, organs and systems.
  • Your Mind with all its thoughts, feelings, challenges, hopes and wishes.
  • Your Spirit which affects both your physical and your mental health.

We are professionally qualified therapists who are widely experienced in many areas.   The therapies we use to help you achieve your goals are –

We often combine therapies in order to give you the tools to start your journey to becoming the healthy individual you desire, helping you to achieve your goal.

Take your first steps of change call us on  07795 21 1955  or  Contact us here  today.

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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Our practice is open and we operate within current Coronavirus (COVID-19) guidelines to ensure you remain as safe as possible when visiting us here in Normandy, Guildford. 

When visiting our practice we ask that you wear a mask upon entry and when we are face to face during your treatment. Certain therapeutic treatments may necessitate removing a mask and, if applicable, will be discussed with you prior to your treatment. Counselling sessions are conducted at a suitable distance within the room and masks may be removed whilst seated. This guidance applies to every client unless you have underlying health issues and are therefore exempt.

We ask that if you feel unwell with common cold/flu/virus symptoms you contact us before arriving for your appointment.

We may be living in unsettling times at the moment but remember to look after yourself and we will get through this by looking out for each other. 

It’s OK to be YOU!

It’s OK to be YOU!
We are ALL different!

Grief … losing someone

Have you lost someone close to you? How are doing today? Just take it one day at a time. When I lost my brother we termed it that a “Bus came along” at various times and hit us. Random schedule, sometimes out of the blue, sometimes I’d see him driving a car going the opposite way (it wasn’t of course but he had a beard and it would be someone with one). Very gradually the bus schedule got more infrequent and eventually stopped running!

Grief passes through stages, stages that may cycle around and sometimes repeat, there is no typical grieving process, no standard process … Why?

Because we are all different, we are all in our own way UNIQUE, SPECIAL, INDIVIDUAL! During a grieving process you will in lessor or greater degrees experience …

Denial: This can’t be happening.

Anger: Why did this happen? Who is to blame?

Bargaining: Make this not happen and I will…

Depression: I can’t bear this; I’m too sad to do anything.

Acceptance: I acknowledge that this has happened, and I cannot change it.

Just take it one day at a time … it WILL slowly get easier. Try a smile! Some days you’ll manage it, some days maybe it’s not quite the right time yet … think positive – you’ll get there. NHS website has helpful links … or … We are here if you would like to talk to one of us.

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