Do you want to lose weight but lack the will power? Have you tried lots of diets without success? Are you miserable with your appearance? Do you really want to lose weight? If the answer to any of these questions is yes – Hypnosis can help by;

  • Helping you to relax about weight loss, as less worry enables you to get on with it.
  • Identifying the underlying reasons for your weight problem, such as Bad Habits; Childhood experience; Giving you more self-motivation and willpower to help you diet and exercise.
  • Helping you see yourself in the future. Seeing yourself as you want to be can help encourage you to achieve your goals.

Are you looking here on a journey to improve your health and/or manage your weight?  If you are, we would like to help you continue your journey as you have already started it by taking this first step!  Has your weight been troubling you for a while?  Let us help you make this the year of permanent change. We are confident that by taking the next step, together with us, you will achieve your goals.

We (Sue and Martin) will work together with you to explore the history behind why you have had this struggle and to then find ways to move forward and improve your health and well being.

Every person is different, as we are all unique but initially would suggest that you look at budgeting for approximately 3 appointments, a week or two weeks apart.

Take your first steps of change call us on 07795 21 1955 or Contact us here today.