Deep Bowel Cleansing

Dr Schulze Intestinal Formula 2 along with the Brief Interlude Colon Cleanse Formula makes a powerful intestinal detoxification program. Dr Schulze, an American herbalist based out in California, suggests that everyone does a colon cleansing program at least twice a year and even more often if there has been a history of any constipation or bowel disease.

Colon Cleansing Program Stage 1

Start with Brief Interlude Colon Cleanse capsules – 1 capsule daily.  Increase by only 1 capsule each day until the “desired effect” is obtained, up to 6 capsules per day as directed on the product. The “desired effect” differs by individual, for those who the norm would be a bowel movement (BM) every 2, 3 or more days, 1 per week or longer – the desired effect would be one good BM per day. However if you are already having one BM a day but feel you are still retaining matter perhaps making you uncomfortable, bloated, gassy etc. then the “desired effect” would be 2 or 3 BM per day.

When initially taking Brief Interlude Colon Cleanse Formula, 10% – 20% of people may experience a stronger effect, the first few days may have you going to the bathroom more frequently (say 3 or 4 times) however this will usually settle down. Always take the Brief Interlude Colon Formula with food, preferably in the middle of your evening or main meal of the day, taken at the end of your meal is ok however you may ‘taste it’ in your throat for a little while!

For some people this is the right level of bowel cleansing for them, however if you seek a deeper cleanse for your body then you may wish to progress to doing Dr Schulze’s 5 day bowel detox using his Intestinal Formula 2 powder. 

Dr Schulze Intestinal Formula 2 product is a powerful DEEP bowel cleanser, it is a strong purifier and intestinal vacuum. This formula draws old, hardened fecal matter off the walls of your colon and out of any diverticula. These are the herniated sacs protruding through the wall of your colon, filled with old, putrid fecal matter that the medical books say we all have, or will have, if we live long enough. To be healthy, you must clean your colon of this toxic poison.

This formula is also a strong anti-inflammatory and soothing agent for the mucous membrane lining of the entire intestinal tract, but especially in the colon. This makes it an important formula for anyone who has irritable bowel, spastic colon, colitis, Chrohn’s Disease, Diverticulitis, or any illness that causes hot, burning, irritated or bleeding bowels and diarrhea. This is also an excellent remedy for food poisoning because it will absorb the harmful bacteria. Dr Schulze recommends you always have his Formula 2 powder with you when travelling not only for food poisoning incidents but also because it is an effective remover of intestinal parasites

Formula 2 contains the 3 most powerful and effective absorbers and neutralisers known, Clay, Charcoal and Pectin.  

Pharmaceutical Grade Bentonite Clay is the most powerful, coming from the high desert and naturally dried so it contains no gas residues. It is a non-specific drawing agent, a powerful vacuum that literally removes everything. It will actually absorb up to 40 times its weight in intestinal fecal matter and waste. This bentonite clay also smothers and draws out intestinal parasites.

The Activated Willow Charcoal is the greatest absorbing agent for every toxin and poison known. This is why you find charcoal inside every water filter. Willow charcoal will absorb and render harmless over 3,000 known drug residues, pesticides, insecticides and just about every harmful chemical known.

Apple Fruit Pectin is highly osmotic and literally draws numerous harmful substances out of your intestines, especially heavy metals like mercury and lead, even carcinogenic radioactive materials like strontium 90.

Formula 2 also contains 4 of the most soothing and demulcent herbs known for the intestinal mucousa (the lining of the colon). These herbs are Flax seed, Psyllium seed, Slippery Elm bark and Marshmallow root.

Flax seed is an oil seed and these oils are protective to the colon lining. Rich in omega 3 and 6 Essential Fatty Acids and oils, these EFA’s are highly soothing and anti-inflammatory to the intestinal wall and are a natural laxative. It also is a great softening agent and helps to liquefy old, hardened fecal matter for easy removal.

Psyllium seed and husks are so effective, they are listed in almost every major medical text as a treatment for irritable bowel. Psyllium is highly anti-inflammatory and also normalizes bowel action. While it will ease diarrhea and slow the passage time of fecal contents by bonding with the water, it also relieves constipation and speeds up the passage of fecal matter by increasing and bulking up the volume of the stool.

Slippery Elm inner bark is highly mucilaginous. When mixed with liquid it produces a soothing and slippery paste that coats and protects the bowel, reduces inflammation and absorbs excess acid.

Marshmallow root has been used for centuries in Traditional European Medicine to alleviate intestinal irritation. These 4 herbs working together create an incredible soothing, coating anti-inflammatory paste that clings to the lining of the colon.

Finally, Peppermint leaf is added to this formula for a few reasons. First, it is highly anti-spasmodic to the entire digestive tract, reducing spasms and reducing the pain caused by them. Secondly, it is carminative in action, reducing, relieving and moving gas, gas can be created when doing any deep bowel cleansing because intestinal and gastric fluids react with old, putrid fecal matter that is being lifted off the walls of the colon.

Colon Cleansing Program Stage 2

A common misconception is that deep bowel cleansing will have you running to the bathroom as if you have an upset digestive system, this may be true for some formulae however in the main taking F2 will have the opposite effect, it can slow the system down and needs to be taken with an increased dose of the  Brief Interlude  Colon Cleanse capsules to ensure sufficient elimination of accumulated old matter is achieved.

F2 works best taken as directed 5 times per day, that’s approx every 2 – 3 hours. You will need the following – an empty jam jar with a lid, a large teaspoon, (approx 10ml, American teaspoons are larger then UK ones, they are just a little smaller than our dessert spoons), filtered or bottled water, and organic juice of your choice – apple juice works well!

How to take Formula 2 – fill the jam jar 2/3rds full with half juice / half water, add a heaped teaspoon of F2, put the lid on tightly and shake for 20 seconds to completely mix the powder. It looks ‘different’ but tastes fine!  Drink this down straight away and follow it with a further half a jar of water or juice making sure you take all the mixture including the flax seeds that lurk in the bottom of the jar.

Whilst taking the F2 continue to take your normal daily dosage of colon cleansing capsules (however many you took in stage 1 above) but be prepared to increase the dose if you start to feel bloated. There are no strict rules with this sort of cleanse but be prepared to have a colonic treatment on day 5 or day 6 to remove the accumulated waste that is being ‘vacuumed’ out of you colon. Some people find a further colonic treatment during the cleanse very beneficial too on day 3 or day 4.

When doing this cleanse people often ask… ‘What should I eat?’ … again there are no strict rules but the healthier you eat the better and if you wished to combine this with a juicing cleanse then all the better!! You would certainly look to avoid red meat, pork etc. and processed foods, Dr Schulze would approve of a raw vegetable and fruit diet with juices … all organic… you don’t want to be cleansing and then put more chemicals back. 

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